Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Essex Market Court and former Essex Market Place

Photos of the Essex Market Court (entrance on Essex) from the turn of the century. You can see the old Essex Market Place (which ran crosstown between Essex and Ludlow Street) in the top left photo; the legendary Ludlow Street Jail can also be seen behind the court in that photo (its entrance was on Ludlow).

The Essex Market Court, erected in 1856, was eventually relocated to 2nd Ave and 2nd Street, now the site of the Anthology Film Archives.

The other two photos of people milling around in front of the court are from an October 8, 1905 New York Times article about plans to renovate/destroy the building:

Essex Market Court prisoners, scan from a 1900 magazine
Today the site houses Seward Park High School.


  1. I enjoy looking at the history of lower east side.

  2. Here is a picture from July, 1915, at the corner of Essex and Essex Market Place, looking East. It looks like ther is an empty lot where the Court was.
    Ludlow Street Jail, July, 1915:

  3. Here is a story about a cat and Thanksgiving 1907 at the Essex Market Police Court you may enjoy: