Sunday, May 10, 2009

GVSHP considers East Village History Project for 2009 Award

East Village History Project is proud to be considered for a 2009 Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation Award.

This is a tremendous honor. Since 1991, GVSHP has presented businesses, individuals, institutions, and organizations with our Village Award, in recognition their significant contribution to the legendary quality of life in Greenwich Village, the East Village, and NoHo. GVSHP members are asked to nominate awardees each April, and a committee of community members decides on the winners. These awards are presented at the GVSHP’s Annual Meeting each June.

View previous award winners here:

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

LESHP's Rob Hollander on WNYC Radio

Main Street NYC: Bowery History on Display at the East Village Visitors Center
by Brigid Bergin
NEW YORK, NY April 03, 2009 —WNYC's Main Street Project is tracking streets across the area. Last month, we stopped by the Bowery to see how New York's old Skid Row is doing today. But there's much more to the street's history. And that's the subject of a new exhibit opening tonight.
HOLLANDER: We want to be the defining institution of the East Village the way the Tenement Museum is the defining institution of the Lower East Side.
REPORTER: Rob Hollander is one of the co-founders of the East Village History Project and the new East Village Visitors Center.
Hollander says one of the street's legacies is its role in the development of New York's theatre district. He says the 19th century Bowery Theatre used to draw some 3,500 working class people to its spirited productions.
HOLLANDER: That's a huge gathering place for working class people. That's where people went to see each other, to interact with with each other and the theatre experience was nothing like what it is today. It was more like a riot.
REPORTER: That exhibit opens tonight at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

NBC features "Gangsters, Murderers & Weirdos" tour

The tour, which is led by East Village historian Eric Ferrara takes you on a journey from the golden age of the American gangster to the bohemian arts and drug culture of the 1960s. Eric guides you to historic hotspots like 57 Jones Street – the Five Points gang headquarters – and to Second Avenue at 12th Street, the scene of a famous mob shootout.

For a $15 donation – you’ll be amazed to hear about the riots, assassinations, grave-robbings, and other criminal behavior that took place on the East Village streets you roam daily.

From NBC (April 2009)