Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New schedule, revamped "Lower East Side" and "East Village" walking tours

We are pleased to announce that our staple "Lower East Side" and "East Village" walking tours have been revamped with with a new route, content and guide -- author and director of Lower East Side History Project, Eric Ferrara.

Ferrara, a fourth-generation Lower East Sider, offers a decade of active research and over a century of ancestral community insight, providing a one-of-a-kind experience suitable for any casual tour-goer or hard-core academic.

Utilizing rare maps, photos, documents, articles and oral histories not found elsewhere, Ferrara digs deep into the neighborhood's forgotten history -- far beyond the familiar "immigrant experience" narrative -- exposing the social, political and cultural intricacies which made this so district vital to the evolution of our city.

Lower East Side Walking Tour
Every Saturday at 12:00pm (beginning January 7, 2012)

East Village Walking Tour
Every Saturday at 2:00pm (beginning January 7, 2012)

Thank you Andrea Coyle for providing these tours over the last couple of years!

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