Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mazie Phillips-Gordon: The Queen Of The Bowery, Part 2

The second in a series about Mazie from the Knickerbocker Village Blog The following pages come from the introduction of an autobiography of one of our country's greatest living philosophers, Morton White. It's called "A Philosopher's Story." He mentions Mazie, as well as Jimmy Durante, Eddie Cantor, Socks Lanza and others. White lived at 76 Madison Street, near Catherine Street excerpts about the book and White from Amazon
A vivid tale of the author's journey from the Lower East Side of New York to some of the greatest centers of higher learning.
"Although a great many memoirs are being published these days, this autobiography by Morton White has special significance because professional philosophers seldom write their memoirs and, when they do, they rarely produce books as engaging as this one. . . . Indeed, White's autobiography should attract more attention among the educated public than any book written by an American philosopher in many years."-Peter H. Hare, SUNY
As historian of ideas and a philosopher, White is able to situate his life in the deeper and broader intellectual currents of his time, and therefore the story of his experiences at Columbia, Harvard, and the Institute for Advanced Study is a brilliantly conceived contribution to the history of American philosophy in the twentieth century. Readers concerned with the development of higher education will be fascinated by White's description of the struggles over religion at Harvard in the 1950s, while historians of urban life will be much interested in his vivid account of his boyhood on the Lower East Side of New York. ..
Morton White is Professor Emeritus at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey. Among his many well-known books are Social Thought in America (Viking, 1948), Foundations of Historical Knowledge (Harper & Row, 1965), Science and Sentiment in America (Oxford, 1972), and The Question of Free Will (Princeton, 1993).

Read this doc on Scribd: mortonwhite2

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