Thursday, July 16, 2009

EVHP partners with Orenzanz Summer Museum on Governor's Island

East Village History Project is a proud partner of the Orensanz Summer Museum on Governor's Island this Summer 2009.

We encourage art lovers and adventurers to take the 10 minute ferry departing from South Manhattan (or Brooklyn) and make a pleasant promenade to the Island, where you can enjoy the specially curated drawings, light boxes and external sculptures created specifically for the occasion as well as workshops and debates covering a wide range of disciplines.

The exhibition is open every weekend from June 14th to October 3rd, and together with other cultural activities programmed on the Island, the Orensanz Summer Museum's aim is to make of this tiny island in the heart of New York’s Bay a new cultural reference for the city’s summer artistic scenario.



  1. I am not sure how many links I went through to get here but you may be the person I have been looking for to ask a simple question.

    I am headed to NYC for a girls weekend and we want to explore the Village.....what is the difference between the East Village and the West Village? I *think* the West is on our way back from Chinatown towards DaNico in Little Italy. Help :) Thanks from a sort of middle aged lady.

  2. Hi OHN -- Well, the simple (and obvious) answer is that the West Village is on the West Side and the East Village is on the East Side ;)

    (That is, between 14th and Houston Streets.)

    But it is a little more complicated than that, as names have changed and boundaries have been blurred in recent years.

    Either way, you won't be passing through either as both Chinatown and Little Italy are below both "Villages." (I think any google map will help you out.)

    Little Italy is just North of Chinatown (technically). Just North of Little Italy is now "NoLita" and North of that is now called "NOHO." To the East of NOHO is the East Village, to West is Greenwich Village, then West of that is West Village.

    Have a headache yet?

    Enjoy your trip!